Welcome to 'Footdee Ancestors'. . .
This site is being developed as a resource for anyone who may be researching a family link to the fishing community of Footdee.
I discovered my own Footdee roots just a few years ago and have found it's history and people fascinating. In such a close knit community where so many people had not only the same surname but also the same forname and where cousins often married, trying to unravel family lineage can be a confusing business.

I hope this website may be of help with your own research, however, although every effort has been made to 'get it right', I can not gaurantee the accuracy of all the material so I would recommend verifying what ever you find here with further research from other sources.

And. . .
In particular, I would like to 'grow' the family tree, or plant others,
so please feel free to contact me with any corrections, suggestions and additional information about Footdee and it's families. . . and maybe we can begin to get a clearer picture of where we came from.

'They live together patriarchally, sometimes three
or four generations in a single room. The oars are
laid above them on the couples (or rafters) of their
cottages; the children may be seen sleeping on
nets in corners; and on the walls are creels, baskets,
and other fishing tackle'

"Penny Magazine" for 26th September 1840