'Footdee Ancestors'. . .
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From Andy Mowatt : Hadden, Smith, Robertson
I have been researching, on and off, for some time on my Mowatt
and Hadden family ancestors and became quite curious why my great uncle, Charles Smith Hadden's name should appear on the War Memorial in Footdee? I knew my grandmother, Margaret Smith Hadden was born in Aberdeen (52 York Street) and her mother's name was Harriet Smith. However, I have just recently discovered that Harriet Smith was born in 4 South Square, Footdee. Her parents, Andrew Smith, whitefisher, (living in 4 South Square) married his second cousin, Jessie (Janet) Smith, (living in 13 South Square) on 28 September 1861 in Footdee. His parents were Andrew Smith whitefisher and Harriet Robertson and Jessie's parents were William Smith, harbour pilot and Margaret Smith. So now I know why Charles Hadden is mentioned on the memorial - Footdee was his mother's home village.

From Alan Strachan : Hadden, Smith, Morrice
My wife's g-g-grandmother was Christian Mitchell Smith born around 1880, from Aberdeen, and her g-g-g-grandparents were Forbes Smith (White fish worker) and Jane Morrice - I got this info from Christian's death cert. Christian married into a family in Peterhead and died there in 1955.
Having looked through the census records, this brought me to the Forbes Smith and Jane Morrice who lived at 4 North Sq, St Nicholas, Aberdeen in 1881 who had an 11mth daughter Christina.
Also, I notice that this family move to the Findlay Buildings, Pocra Quay by 1891 and seem to be sharing this property with the Morrice family. I was wondering if you were able to pin point where this Findlay Buildings are as I've not been able to find them looking at old maps online.

From Erica Carrick Utsi : John Thom, Tough
Can you point me in the right direction to find one John Thom who is listed in his marriage record as “John Thom Sailor in Footdee”?  I’m not sure if the lady he married was resident in Footdee also or not although the wording suggests she might be – “and Isobel Tough there Daughter of the Dec’d Moses Tough late Painter in Old Machar”.
I can’t see that they are l/term residents in Footdee.  John’s parents, William Thom (a ropemaker) & Barbara Shirriff, appear to be resident in Aberdeen itself.  John & Isobel marry in the Chapel of Ease in Belmont Street in 1819.  Some years later they can be found near where the gasworks used to be, in a tenement from the numbers listed in the census at the same address (Catto Sq), Garvock’s Wynd).  By 1827 John is listed as a shipmaster in the Aberdeen trades directory, living at 9 Summer St and he eventually retires to the Old Post Office Ruthrieston.

From Jim Corbett: Noble
This is part of my Family Tree on my dad's side, my GG Grandfather J.S.Noble died at sea April 1880 there were a few families from Fittie and the surrounding area  area that lost men that day.


From Alitia Brown, nee Forbes
: George Forbes
I attach a newspaper cutting showing my Gt Gt Grandfather George Forbes, 8 South Square who drowned on 30th January 1860. The two 'crippled' children mentioned, we assume one is our Gt Grandfather David Forbes, who also lived at 8 South Square. Moved to 21 Pocra Quay when he married, went on the have 8 children, one of which George Noble Forbes, was my grandfather.

From Grant Sparks : Baxter, Caie
My mother Evelyn Baxter was born in East End Villa, opposite the round house. My Grandfather John Caie Baxter was born in 14 Pilot Square, 1907. He ended up as a Police Chief Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police in London. All of his forebears (Baxter and Caie) emanated from Footdee, having resided in 1 Middle Row, 10 North Square, 16 South Square, 18 North Square, 19 North Square, 2 North Square, 21 North and South Square, 24 South Square, 30 South Square, 33 South Square, 4 North Square, 5 Middle Row, 9 Pilot Square. Also a few New Pier Road properties. Interestingly I have found that my 3rd Great Grandfather George Baxter was residing in a cottage between North and South Squares in 1891. I have attached the relevant census extract. Not sure exactly where that would have been, in relation to the squares.

From Ann McMahon : Baxter, Caie
My husband's ancestors come from Footdee, Aberdeen and the ancestor in question is Andrew Main Baxter born 1856 in 21/01/1856, St Nicholas, Aberdeen at 1 South Square. His parents Alexander Baxter and Jessie (Janet?) nee Caie. He is present in the English census 1871 as aged 21yrs as a boarder (boiler smith ) in Sunderland. He later married Elizabeth Scot in 1880 and had at least 8 children. The 4th born Andrew Russell Baxter is my Husbands Grandfather who with his brother Alexander 1881  survived the 1st world war. In all 4 brothers fought in the 1st world war John died and Henry lost a leg. Do you have any information on the maternal Caie side, and do you know the connection to the Main Fisher folk from whom Andrew is named?

From Joanne Hinnigan: Brown, Guyan, Baxter
I wonder if you could help me piece together a bit more about my family history. I knew that my Grandfathers family line was well linked to a fishing village in Aberdeen, but didn't realise how solid the roots were until I watched the BBC programme last week.
My Grandfather was called Charles Brown (1925 - 1989), like his father before him and grandfather before. They lived at 1 South Square around the early 1900s.
His grand mother was Christina Guyan (1859 - 1928), who I believe descends from Isabella Baxter b.1792, and is shown in your family tree.

From Catherine Brigden: Guyan, Baxter
My g-grandfather was Robert Walker Guyan (born 1866 to Alexander Guyan, whitefisher, and Margaret Forbes – 29 South Square Footdee), who immigrated to Canada in 1885. I believe Alexander’s parents were William Guyan and Isabella Baxter. I will be travelling to Aberdeen from Canada in early September and plan to pay a visit to Footdee. Would you happen to know if any descendants of those early families are still living there?

From Susan Fowler: Alexander Fowler
After watching the programme on TV about Footdee recently I became intriged.
I was born in Torry in 1961 and decided to look into things further.
Imagine my surprise when I checked my grandads birth certificate, Alexander Phillip Wallace Fowler, and dicovered he was born at 3 South Square in 1907.
If you like I can send you a copy of his certtificate. His father was George Walker Fowler, think I also have details on him.